Preternatural (2015

Preternatural Promo PosterSo what can you do with £100? How about make a horror movie, which is exactly what Paul Dixon Barker and Gav C Steel of Faster Indie have done.

So Preternatural finds Dixon and Gav (playing comedic parodies of themselves) holding auditions for a Blair Witch style spoof found footage movie at their local village hall. As you would expect once the lads go out on location investigating the local folk tales about malevolent fairies, things start to go wrong. Bit part player and SFX man Mark starts to go a bit crazy and destroys their camera and from this point the distinction between what is real and what is scripted becomes increasingly blurred.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Preternatural, as anyone who reads the Hothouse will know I’m not a found footage fan, but Preternatural does go beyond a bunch of people running about and whimpering in the woods. The initial bantering between Dixon and Gav as they try to set up pieces and present to camera are engaging and genuinely quite funny, you only have to spend some time on you-tube to find similar ‘real examples’. of such supernatural investigations. However once the spooky stuff kicks in we are presented with a tense constantly changing reality which is on occasion both humorous and disturbing.

For £100 and some enthusiasm Preternatural show the Horror fan what can be done with a bit of spare time, a DSLR camera and a bunch of mates. Tense, clever but not above laughing at itself I give Preternatural a 555/666

Preternatural is director Gav C. Steel’s second full-length release following the 1970’s slasher-inspired horror The Shadow of Death in 2012. Gav’s short Tinnitus is part of the soon-to-be-released World of Death DVD/Blu-Ray collection, and his recent short, Monitor, was one of the few films to be selected for Calgary Horror Con 2015.

Writer Dixon Barker is a published short story and flash fiction author, and has worked with a number of ITV and BBC professionals including producer and Monty Python Contributor Bernard McKenna.

I have no details of release dates or formats for Preternatural as yet keep watching the Hothouse Twitter feed for more details


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