The Railway Carriage (2015)

railway carriageJohn (Dean Sills) wakes suited and booted up in a chapel, candles and a ticking metronome by his head. Creepy enough but when he tries to leave he finds himself in a vintage railway carriage, The kind of railway carriage I remember from my 1960’s childhood with their blue and black upholstery that smelt of years of accumulated fag ash and dust. As John tries to find his way out he is assaulted by flashbacked memories and objects that hint at the reason why he is trapped in the recurring environment of chapel and carriage.

John (dean ills is trapped in a world tat alternates between a dark chapel and a vintage railway carriage
John (Dean Sills) is trapped in a recurring nightmare world that alternates between a dark chapel and a vintage railway carriage

Ross Adgar’s atmospheric ten minute short is intriguing viewing, Just what is John doing trapped between the chapel and the railway carriage, how did he come to be there and will he escape from this recurring nightmare?


Shot on location at the Elsecar Heritage Railway in South Yorkshire and at Elston Chapel in Nottinghamshire the film makes effective use of the moody interiors, while the ticking metronome eases us into an appropriately creepy foley palette soundtrack.


A moody, mysterious trip, that would be great as part of an Amicus style portmanteau horror  I give The Railway Carriage a 555/666


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