The Unkindness of Ravens – Kickstarter Campaign

It’s probably fair to say that Lawrie Brewster’s Scottish chiller Lord of Tears was the Hothouse highlight of 2013, well now we have some hot off the press news about Lawrie’s latest project, The Unkindness of Ravens and it looks like another right corker.

The_Cottage[1] (2)

Lawrie gave the Hothouse an insight into what the film was about: ‘ With The Unkindness of Ravens we believe that we have made what might be one of the most emotionally intense and brutally disturbing psychological/supernatural horror films ever made. Jamie Scott Gordon, the dude with the beard from Lord of Tears, that many of you wanted cast as our next lead, plays Andrew,

Jamie Scott Gordon as Andrew

Jamie Scott Gordon as Andrew

a military veteran plagued by PTSD flashbacks, who travels to a retreat in the remote Scottish Highlands, where he finds himself in a lonely cottage under siege from a legion of ruthless demonic ravens’

Raven_Warriors_4[1] (2)

‘And of course’ Lawrie continued ‘these are no ordinary ravens, but a new icon in Horror… the most ruthless and unsettling nemeses to mankind you’re likely to behold! It’s a brutal, gory and emotionally intense film that kinda crosses Apocalypse Now with The Evil Dead

Looks just like our kind of movie, but Lawrie and the gang need some help from all of us to get the movie through post-production so they have started  a Kickstarter campaign to finish off and independently release the movie. There are some fab goodies to be had ranging from a luxury Bluray and Dual Layer DVD plus CD soundtrack of the film with bundles of extras to your very own raven warrior costume! So if you have and spare pounds, Euro or dollars looking for a home click here

Raven_Warrior_5[1] (2).So what’s the thing with ravens? Lawrie explained: ‘We’ve always been fascinated by theology and mythology – it’s where we drew the Owlman from and also where we found inspiration for the Raven Warriors. (who, if you watch the film closely, you will find have a strange connection to the Owlman). In mythology, ravens and crows are often associated with death and also with the battlefield, from the norse Valkyries to the celtic Morrigan. We drew from these mythological sources but created our own rich mythos, which you see glimpses of in the film, but which we’ll go into in more detail in the literature we’ll include with the film. With Lord of Tears we produced a 400 page digital Production Diary and we plan to do the same for The Unkindness of Ravens so there’ll be plenty of lore for fans to delve into!’