Deadly Revisions (2014)

140629_DeadlyRevisionsPoster_Final_PrinterAny movie with Bill Oberst Jr has got to be worth 90 minutes of anyone’s time and Deadly Revisions does not disappoint. Bill plays Grafton Torn a horror screenwriter who has just woken up from a 16 day coma. Poor old Grafton can’t remember a thing about the events leading up to being found at the bottom of the stairs by his pal Dieter (Mikhail Blokh), but Dieter knows just the thing to put Grafton on the road to recovery – oh yes he sure does, and packs Grafton off to his isolated cabin in the woods. Now an isolated cabin in the woods with no cellphone signal – that’s sure to fix things for a psychologically delicate writer, who is also going through a messy divorce and has a family history dotted with madness isn’t it Flowers?

Naturally despite regular visits from his therapist it isn’t long before Grafton starts hearing creepy noises outside in the dark, discovers fresh axe marks in the chopping block and starts hallucinating scenes from his own screenplays. I think we know where we are heading don’t we?

Have to admit I did work out the plot twist at the end about half way into Deadly Revisions, but its an entertaining enough flick. Bill is in his element as the tortured writer convinced he is going mad and there are also nice performances from Blokh and Lise Hart as Torn’s estranged wife. The camera work is darkly atmospheric with some well-managed scares and do keep watching to the very end as there are some nice little gags concealed with closing credits.

Slightly predictable, but worth a watch for Bill Oberst Jr’s performance alone I give Deadly Revisions a 555/666

Deadly Revisions is out now in the USA on Blu-ray, DVD, Comcast Cable TV, VOD, iTunes, Amazon Prime and Google Play.


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  1. Thank you, Horror Hothouse, both for reviewng Gregory Blair’s DEADLY REVISIONS, and for all that you do to support and encourage independent film and we who work in it.

    It’s an honor to be mentioned here.

    Bill Oberst Jr.

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