Predator Incursion – Tim Lebbon


Predator Incursion is the first book of the Rage War trilogy set in 20th Century Fox’s Predator/Alien universe.

So here we are in 2692 and humanity is busy terraforming and settling planets in the far reaches of the galaxy when those pesky Predators or Yautja turn up and start creating mayhem. Well nothing much out of the ordinary there you might think, but this time the Yautja are not just enjoying the hunt, they are on the run from something even more scary than themselves.  No prizes for guessing what that might be, only someone has found a way to weld them into terrifying fighting force that follows orders.

Up against the Yautja are not just the Lieutenant Johnny Mains and his Colonial Marines who do the compulsory running around and blasting things that space Marines do, but also scientist Isa Palant of LV-1529 who not only has to contend with a Predator visit, but also survive the devastating effect sabotage of LV-1529’s terraforming plant.

I’m normally a bit wary of novels adapted from films, but having read Tim Lebbon’s The Silence earlier this year all I needed to see his name of the cover to whet my curiosity. And it is a good read it is too. The characters are fully developed and the narrative fairly cracks along. Now to be honest I often find books and films that involve American style special forces really quite tedious as they crash about shouting ‘yessir’ at every opportunity, but in Predator Incursion there was just about the right balance of shooting and blowing things up going on, while the real meat of the story exposing what the Yautja are running from and how humanity is going to cope with this before they get overrun with steaming mad Predators, is gradually exposed.

Action packed, highly original and intelligent with it I give Predator Incursion a 555/666

Predator Incursion is available now from Titan Books price £7.00


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