A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

So we have reached the time of year when thoughts turn to all things festive or should we say festering dear Flowers?

A Christmas Horror Story is actually four stories. Three are set in Bailey Downs, one of those midwest towns close to the Canadian border (probably because it was filmed in Canada anyway) that look oh so very pretty in the bleak midwinter.

First up we have the trio of intrepid media studies students who break into the old St Joseph’s Academy where on Christmas Eve the previous year a ritual murder took place complete with relevant bible passage written in the victim’s blood on the wall. Oh yeah the school also used to be a convent where wicked nuns took in pregnant teenagers. Sheesh these kids never learn do they?

Whose been naughty then?
Whose been naughty then?

Then we have the family who decide to visit their horrid old Aunt Etta, like most family visits to nasty old ladies there is an ulterior motive. Dad’s after some cash to keep his business afloat, but none of the rest of the family smell too good either, but when son, Duncan deliberately smashed the statuette of Christmas demon Krampus I don’t think he could have imagined that the horned one would come after them determined to punish the naughty boys and girls.

Krampus is coming
Krampus is coming

In the third Earth bound story a family go looking for a Christmas tree on private land. Bad mistake as their child gets swapped for a demonic changeling.

Meanwhile up at the North Pole dear old Santa is facing an outbreak of the Zombie plague amongst the elves, blimey as if they ain’t scary enough!

Santa's having a bad day
Santa’s having a bad day

Linking all the strands together is the Bailey Down’s FM DJ (yay it’s Bill Shatner) whose idea of the ideal way to keep the Christmas spirit up is to down a bottle of Scotland’s finest. what’s not to like about Bill as he hams up the drunken redneck who ‘liked Jesus before he went all hippy with sandals and long hair’.

It's Bill Shatner folks
It’s Bill Shatner folks

I liked A Christmas Horror Story, it has some genuinely creepy moments and some laughs and Bill Shatner is just brilliant

A festive barrel of gruesome fun I give A Christmas Horror Story a big 666/666

A Christmas Horror Story is out now on DVD in the UK and US.

Trivia: I don’t know how true this is but rumour has it that in some US WalMart Stores the DVD of A Christmas Horror Story is packaged inside a slipcase with the title A Holiday Horror Story. don’t know who that is supposed to avoid offending, but if it’s true it’s pretty daft!


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