North V South (2015)

So where does horror stop and hard crime begin? To be honest I don’t really care when a movie is as much fun as North V South. Much in the spirit of Sexy Beast, North V South tells the story of an ill-fated attempt to carve up the UK’s organised crime between two competing families. The south is Vic Clarke’s (Steven Berkoff) manor, aided by his second in command Tony Lefevre (Keith Allen). Up north John Claridge (Bernard Hill) is the boss.

Freema Agyeman is Hit Woman Penny

Freema Agyeman is Hit Woman Penny

A conference takes place to discuss arrangements and it all seems to be going so well until Claridge discovers that Clarke’s unbalanced enforcer Gary (Brad Moore)  has just murdered one of his mates in the hotel bar, before rolling up late at the meeting. Against this background of gangland revenge and retribution Clarke’s daughter Willow (Charlotte Hope) has fallen in love with Claridge’s young lieutenant Terry (Elliott Tittenham). Yes it’s a gangland Romeo and Juliet, but will it end well for this particular pair of star crossed lovers? I’m not saying Flowers, go see for yourselves.

What else does North V South have to offer my dear Gorehounds?

Well there is plenty of violence, Dr Who‘s Freema Agyeman clearly relishing dishing out the punishment as Claridge’s psychotic hit woman Penny, a trans gender assassin with a gyrocopter and sharp dialogue including some pretty inventive swearing. As you would expect from a cast including Berkoff, Hill, Allen, Agyeman, Oliver Cotton and Greta Scacchi, there is some tremendous ensemble playing contained within North V South .

A monster fun Brit crime caper, plus a bit of Shakespeare, what more could you want? I give North V South a big 666/666

North and South is out now in the UK on DVD (£14.99) and Blu-Ray (£19.99)