Partisan (2015)

This is an odd one, an Australian film shot in Georgia, the former Soviet republic that is rather than the deep south state that is home to REM and the B52s.

Vincent Cassel is Gregori
Vincent Cassel is Gregori

French actor Vincent Cassel  is Gregori, the patriarch of an isolated commune. Gregori has multiple wives and even more children, whose education he looks after. Nothing so unusual about that you might say, just your normal hippy dippy cult, only things are a lot more disturbing than that because doting dad Gregori also gives the kids lessons in killing. Yes Gregori keeps the home solvent by taking unsuspecting folks out whenever a little cutie with their ears plugged turns up at the front door. Well you wouldn’t want your kids to damage their hearing would you?

Jeremy is Alexander - note no earplugs for Karioke
Jeremy Chabriel is Alexander – note earplugs to protect tender ears from gun reports not for karaoke

Problem is Gregori’s oldest son, Alexander (Jeremy Chabriel) starts to question his way of life after a chance encounter with a kindly outsider. this naturally sets Alexander on a collision course with Gregori that isn’t likely to end well.

Partisan is a compelling watch that draws you quickly into Gregori and Alexander’s claustrophobic and occasionally nasty little world. Cassel and Chabriel are both excellent and there is some stunning cinematography of the blasted Georgian landscape that surrounds the dilapidated Soviet city where the kids get down to their deadly business by German McMicking.

All the more disturbing for the portrait of a caring father whose business is handing out death I give Partisan a big 666

Partisan is out now in cinemas and on DVD


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