Verona by Benedict Ashforth


One of the literary treasures excavated by the Hothouse in 2014 was Benedict Ashforth’s Abbot’s Keep, a Jamesian tale of the hunt for hidden treasure secreted by a mysterious priest. You will be pleased to discover that Ashforth’s latest novella, Verona is no less creepy, but veers perhaps a little closer to Ira Levin or Stephen King.

Charles and Caroline Carter meet at University in  Oxford, get married and dream of starting a family. The longed for baby remains a dream even after fertility treatment. Then they move into Creech Lane Cottage where Caroline decides that she would like to take a short break holiday to the Italian city of Verona. Well the holiday starts well and the happy couple feel relaxed, which of course is where the weird stuff starts and it keeps happening when they get back home to Creech Lane Cottage. Yes there’s an evil presence lurking at Creech Lane that wanted them to visit the Italian city in order to initiate something that we know just won’t be pretty!

At just under 120 pages Ashforth’s latest chiller packs in more hackle raising horror than many a book twice it’s length, take it out for a spin you won’t be disappointed. I give Verona a big 666/666

Verona is available as a Kindle download or as a real book for £4.99



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