Indie Buzz – Six and Seven 2015


It’s 7 February and Sergeant Jefferies and rookie cop Foster are sent to stake out a mysterious warehouse on the anniversary of a reported human sacrifice. This isn’t a run of the mill murder because after reporting the crime the witness went mysteriously blind.

When Jefferies disappears Foster enters the warehouse to investigate on his own, cops in horror movies they never learn do they?

Six and Seven is director Kirsten Walsh’s second short feature and was shot in St Mary’s, Georgia. While obviously  restricted by the constraints of an independent budget this 18 minute film contains the germ of an intriguing story, which I would love to see expanded into a fuller production. As it is the movie is quite nicely plotted,with some nice camera work and a touch of John Carpenterish music all adding towards the atmosphere of latent menace throughout the first half. Cheap special effects and weak performances by some of the cast do let the second half down a touch, but it’s no big deal Six and Seven is still great fun.

Plenty of potential I give Six and Seven a 444/666