Septic Man (2016)

Jack (Jason Brown) has a shitty job, yes he really does because Jack is a sanitary engineer in the Canadian town of Collingwood. So when a mystery infection in Collingwood’s water supply has the town’s residents exuberantly puking and pooing, Jack is the go to guy for the mysterious Mr Prosser (Julian Richings) who offers him a down-payment of $20,000 with the promise of $180,000 more to come if Jack can sort out the problem with Collingwood’s water supply.

septic 3
Jack (Jason Brown) is having a pretty shitty day

So Jack traces the problem back to a septic tank at a deserted factory, only to become trapped within it at the mercy of two of the stock characters from the modern American Gothic: sweaty vest man and his always shirtless brother, shaven headed mute guy with chainsaw. As if that is not bad enough Jack’s physiology starts to mutate into something quite nasty.

Yes its shirtless baldy mute chainsaw guy (Tim Burd)

I thought Septic Man started quite well with a spot of real gross out epidemic scene setting and a masterfully creepy performance from Julian Richings as Prosser, rather like a long drawn out Donald Pleasance with hair. However Septic Man pretty quickly  loses its way once Jack gets trapped in the septic tank and the back story is just papered over as Sweaty Vest and Chainsaw rain corpses and body parts down on Jack and the film drags to its conclusion with nothing much happening for the final 50 minutes or so.

Don’t look up Jack whatever you do

Started well, but ultimately gets pooped out, I give Septic Man a 333/666

septic 4

Septic Man is out now in the UK on DVD from Sharp Teeth Films


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