Last Shift (2016)

Rookie cop Jessica Loren’s (Juliana Harkavy) first assignment is to cover the front desk at a recently decommissioned Police station until the hazmat team turn up for a final clear out. Should be pretty straight forward stuff, all the phone lines are re-routed to the new station, just bring a book and sit it out.

Last Shift_Image1
It was not the best of first days for Officer Loren

Oh no, you see just one year ago to the day at this very police station John Michael Paymon (Joshua Miker) and two of his disciples, the survivors of a notorious Manson family type cult were found hanged in their cells. Oh yes and Jessica’s cop dad died while bringing them in. So it isn’t long before Jessica starts getting mysterious phone calls, the lights start flickering and furniture gets moved about. Then the hallucinations start – or do they? Oh yes it’s going to be the worst first day at work ever.

Last Shift_Image2
Don’t you just hate it when unexpected guests turn up (Joshua Miker)

OK the basic idea behind Last Shift ain’t exactly new, but Anthony DiBlasi’s taut direction combined with some pretty dynamic camera, lighting and sound work serves up the shocks in spades, before you even get to the make-up and effects, which are also pretty good. It’s almost a one woman show from Harkavy and she delivers the full range of emotions from boredom through to outright terror as the film careers towards its conclusion.

Last Shift_Image5
Probably not what you want to find under your desk

Great little shocker that really delivers I give Last Shift a big 555/666

DVD Template 30.10.03

Last Shift is out now in the UK on DVD and Digital



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