Heir (2015)

Anything with Bill Oberst Jr has got to be worth a look we say, so when producer Zach Green sent us a link to his latest short Heir we just had to click on the link.

Oh yes it’s Bill at his creepy best

Heir also stars Robert Nolan as Gordon, who takes his son Paul (Mateo D’Avino) off to meet Dennis (Bill) who he claims is an old college mate. Only the link Gordon shares with Dennis is a lot more sinister than that.

You probably ought not to drink that

However Dennis isn’t just a child abuser, he’s something a lot more Lovecraftian and sticky, so when Dennis slips Paul a mickey Bill is faced with the dilemma does he follow his instinct as a fellow icky sticky monster or that of a human father and save his son.

Robert Nolan gets Argentoed

Heir is a squirm inducing chiller that really draws you into the story. Bill is his usual sublimely creepy self, while Nolan pulls off a nice line in self-disgust and fear as he faces off his inner monster. The cast are aided and abetted by some very Dario Argento style lighting and camera work and a menacing score by composer Christopher Guglick.

Yes Heir has a deep disturbing subtext and this serves to make it a much more effective chiller than the average monster short, since when you strip away the fantasy elements the human monster left behind is if anything even more vile.

Official One Sheet

Disturbing and thought-provoking I give Heir a 666/666


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  1. Always an honor to have a project I am a part of mentioned on Horror Hothouse – thank you for taking the time to watch and review HEIR, and for the favorable words!


    1. Simon Ball says:

      Cheers Bill it’s a great little movie

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