Clinger (2016)

Fern (Jennifer Laporte) discovers first love never dies

When Fern Petersen (Jennifer Laporte) a driven high school senior trying for an athletics scholarship to MIT falls for romantic teen Robert Klingher (Vincent Martella) little does she realise what a creepy obsessive loon he is. Unfortunately her attempt to end the relationship goes horribly wrong when Robert is decapitated in a freak love guillotine incident, well these things happen.

clinger 3
Robert (Vincent Martella) loves Fern (Jennifer Laporte) oh boy does he

So when Robert comes back as a love-ghost, Fern is initially overcome by guilt and resumes the relationship, however things rarely run smoothly in human-ghost affairs, so when Fern declares that she can no longer be Robert’s girlfriend as long as she is alive, he takes her statement rather too literally.

No pain no gain

Clinger starts out as a relatively innocuous high school comedy, really hits the gross out humour button when Robert loses his head and then slips down a gear as it cruises towards the living v ghost finale. It’s a pretty entertaining romp with some well placed gory moments. Martella is rather good as the psychoticly obsessive and oversensitive ghost and there are some nicely observed supporting characters, both human and supernatural amongst Robert’s graveyard pals including: Fern’s sock puppet obsessed sister, her deeply Christian best friend with an unfortunate line in inadvertent sexual double entendre and a tar puking Flapper ghost, hmmm wonder what she died of?

A genuinely funny teen comedy horror mash-up I give Clinger a 555/666

clingerClinger is out now on DVD and Digital in the UK now.


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