Mark of the Witch (2014)

Not to be confused with the 1970 film of the same name, Mark of the Witch was originally premiered at 2014’s Frightfest as Another. Mark of the Witch stars Pualie Rojas as Jordyn. Now for years Jordyn has believed that she was just a run of the mill orphan, but at a very grim 18th birthday party her guardian, Auntie Ruth (Nancy Wolf) reveals that Jordyn is the spit for her mother who died when she hit the very same age and then, as if that hadn’t put enough of a damper on the celebrations, old Ruth promptly impales herself upon what must be the world’s most enormous cakeknife.

Jordyn (Paulie Rojas) has the worst 18th ever

This puts in motion a very confusing train of events where Jordyn slips between this existence and a horrific dreamworld, which reveals that Auntie Ruth rescued baby Jordyn from the Satanic coven that mummy belonged to and that although she may have passed from this mortal world mum has still has plans for grown up Jordyn and they sure don’t have anything to do with a college fund

Mark of the Witch is a very good-looking movie. Director and cinematographer Jason Bognaki is clearly a fan of the films of Jess Franco and Dario Argento. This shows through in his very pretty photography of Rojas and the dreamy use of camera angle, colour saturation and shade throughout. Visual feast that it is the film does suffer from the almost trademark cohesion problems that afflict many of both Franco and Argento’s movies, with a very confused narrative structure and sparse rudimentary dialogue that really does not really offer up enough clues to adequately explain what is happening to the characters within the film terribly well.

Pretty to look at but ultimately unsatisfying I give  Mark of the Witch a 444/666

Mark of the Witch is released in the UK on DVD (price £15.99) on 15 February by Metrodome




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