Backtrack (2015) – Metal Hammer/Team Rock Silver Screams

backtrack_ver2_xlgIt may have been bloody freezing out on London’s dark streets, but there’s no bait quite like a good scary movie and a free beer with some mates to entice this old horror fan to enter the Horse Hospital’s dungeon.

Sam Neill is Bower’s mentor Duncan Stewart

Aussie shocker Backtrack stars Adrien Brody as Peter Bower a psychoanalyst trying to come to terms with the death of his daughter. Having resumed his practice Bower is puzzled as to why so many of his patients refered to him by his old college mentor Duncan Stewart can’t remember anything beyond a specific date in 1987 when he was just a teenager living out in a one horse town in New South Wales. Are they real or figments of Bower’s imagination, no they are ghosts aren’t they?

Dr Bower’s practice was overlooked by the local railway

Determined to work out why he has attracted this posse of spooks Bower heads back to the ancestral home. It’s the kind of place where his ex-cop dad does his man stuff in his shed and town folk go dogging by the railway tracks, but what at first seems the obvious solution to Bower’s problem proves to be a lot weirder than Bower could have imagined.

Adrien Brody wondering which side is the wrong side of the tracks?

Backtrack is a superior supernatural chiller, set within the eerie muted brown, green and blue colour palette of the distinctly soggy New South Wales landscape. This is complemented by a subtle musical score by  Dale Cornelius that insidiously ramps up the creepy atmosphere towards the scares. The spook effects owe a lot to recent Japanese and Korean movies and mark my words when the shocks come you will jump.

A superior psychological spookfest I give Backtrack a big 666/666

Backtrack is out on DVD on 14 March in the UK

Big thanks to Billy Chainsaw for organising the showing.


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