You Are Not Alone (2015)

You Are Not Alone is Derek Mungor’s second feature as director and offers a new perspective on the perennial American slasher movie as we follow the action from the point of view of ‘final girl’ Natalie Wilner (Krista Dzialozynski) who returns home from college for the 4th of July celebrations.

you are not alone

As we know no American holiday can be complete without a blade wielding masked psychopath and he duly turns up to hang about in Natalie’s garden the moment she gets home from the celebrations. Will he get in the house and chase Natalie?, will she run, hide and whimper?, will innocent bystander die? well its a slasher movie so what do you think?  However what makes You Are Not Alone a bit different is that the whole film is shot as if you are seeing the action from Natalie’s eyes (which is why you see an awful lot of her feet!).

Once we get to the murdery bit, the POV camera work really comes into its own and combined with the  lighting, sound editing and a genuinely creepy performance from either  Dan Abbate or Sean Cooley (both are credited) as the killer the second half of the movie really packs in some shocks. It’s just a shame that the opening half takes so long ambling through Natalie’s dreadfully dull day to work its way up to the bit where the knives come out.

you are not alone2.jpg

Once it gets going You Are Not Alone packs in the shocks, but its a struggle to keep awake through the overlong preamble I give it 444/666.

You Are Not Alone is out now in the UK on DVD from Sharp



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