Arrowhead (2016)

Funny isn’t it, you don’t see an Australian film for ages then two com along at once. First we had haunting shocker Backtrack and now we have a bit of sci-fi with Arrowhead.  In Arrowhead‘s future dystopia soldier Kye (Dan Mor) is busted off a prison planet and told he is being sent on a mission to rescue his father who is due to be executed. The only spaceship available is the Arrowhead, a transporter for colonists in cryogenic suspension.

Kye (Dan Mor) with his robot sidekick REEF

Naturally it all goes horribly wrong and the Arrowhead crash lands on a desert Moon with a toxic atmosphere. Just to weird things out a bit when Kye is out exploring a cave he is rendered unconscious and wakes up with not just the ability to  breath the toxic gas but a new foot,  not anything special mind, it’s just an ordinary foot, but the one that was filling his right boot before had been a prosthetic one. Oh yes something very odd has happened to Kye while he was out and I think we know it’s not going to be pretty in this interstellar reworking of Jekyll and Hyde.

Aleisha Rose is romantic interest Tarren

Fortunately Kye is not alone on the toxic moon, he has the terribly posh robot REEF,  a less camp synthesis of C3PO and R2D2 and Tarren (Aleisha Rose) one of the few survivors of the Arrowhead’s human cargo. All Tarren has to remember is not to let Kye get angry.

Arrowhead is a bit of a mashup of Star Wars, Alien, the Hulk and various Star Trek episodes with the basic Jekyll and Hyde theme buried somewhere underneath. It’s beutifully shot around Coober Pedy in Australia where the opal mine pocked desert landscape looks suitably alien, but it needed an extra subplot or two to fill out the 80 minute running time.

A competent but overlong bit of Sci-fi I give Arrowhead a 444/666

Arrowhead is out now in te UK on DVD price £14.99

DVD extras: making of featurette




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