Lost After Dark (2015)

lost after dark 1

Assorted body count movie teens wonder whose next

It’s 1984 and keen to get in with the cool kids Adrienne (Kendra Leigh Timmins) lifts the keys of her dad’s country cottage for a post Senior Prom night party. Yeah it’s already sounding not too safe isn’t it?

For wheels fat boy Tobe (Jesse Camacho) hot wires the School Bus (like nobody would suspect a school bus being driven about in the middle of the night by a bunch of teens has been nicked) and the gang are off for a weekend of drink, sex and drugs, or so they hope. Naturally aside from Tobe the gang includes the usual body count stereotype fodder: spoilt bitch Heather (Lanie McAuley) and her stupid little dog, obnoxious jock Sean (Justin Kelly) and goth girl Marilyn (Eve Harlow) as well as token black guy Wes (Stephen James), Adrienne’s beer  chugging boyfriend Johnnie (Alexander Calvert) and her BFF (Elise Gatien) .

Goth fgirl and fat geeky guy discover a lonely house oh dear

Goth girl and fat geeky guy discover a lonely house with a bullet pocked mailbox this won’t end well

But then the bus breaks down and the gang have to find some shelter. as luck would have it they are not far from the old Joad house, which used to belong to a family of notorious deranged murderers and cannibals and yes one of them was not accounted for when the police rounded them up. Can you see where this is going?

Can Mr C save the day?

Can Mr C (Robert Patrick) save the day?

Lost After Dark is basically an homage to the 80s body count/slasher genre and the sense of period is captured pretty well with some terrible 8os style music and fashions. The plot treads some well worn territory as it sets up the characters that you want to see survive the night, along with the ones you actively want to see get splatted in the bloodbath that is about to ensue, then it follows them around as they run, hide, whimper and scream before meeting their various ends. However the movie does deliver some unexpected twists that are going to make you think ‘Did I just see that, that’s not supposed to happen is it?’. At just 84 minutes long the action is pretty rapid fire and Gorehounds won’t be disappointed by the gruesome violence dished out. Former Terminator Robert Patrick also contributes a nice performance as the unhinged Vietnam veteran school principal.

Who can fail to enjoy a movie that contains the line ‘Jesus, is that made from people?’ I give Lost After Dark a 555/666


Lost After Dark is out now in the UK on DVD price £14.99