Viscious (2015)

Every now and again a movie grabs you right by the throat and Oliver Park’s short home invasion flick Vicious has just done that. In a spoiler free nutshell Lydia comes home to find her front door unlocked, a quick examination of the house makes her think the house is safe and then she turns out the light.

Rachel Hunter is Lydia

Over the films twelve and half-minute run time an effective back story is set up and a truly menacing sense of unease and suspense built up through effective lighting, camera angle and sound editing combined with  Matthew Walker’s music score which genuinely raised my hackles. And all of this before the jump scares kick in!

But don’t just take my woerk for it – turn off the light and enjoy.

Vicious has so far won eight prestigious film awards and has been nominated for a further seven.  I give it a 666/666

The team behind Vicious are currently working on funding Still a four-minute suspense-horror film about a woman plagued by a statuesque figure which begins with a simple knock at the door. If you have a few Pounds/Euro?Dollars you’s like to invest in Still please visit their indigogo site.


Having enjoyed Vicious so much I can’t wait to see it


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