Fire City: End of Days (2015)

So imagine a world where demons live amongst us feeding off human misery. Now place that world in in an LA apartment block and serve up with lashings of Argento style colour and a Noir aesthetic and you have Fire City: End of Days.

fire city
Atun Vine (Tobias Jelink) clashes with Cornelia (Danielle Churchran)

Drug dealing demon Vine (Tobias Jelinek) steps over the dividing lime between humanity and demonkind when he saves 11-year-old Sara (Keeley Aloha) from being raped by her abusive step father. The resulting change to the status quo stops the humans being mean to each other and the demons begin to go hungry.

Amber (Kimberly Leemaris) the sex demon

Vine faces a choice, does he save demonkind by killing Sara, who he has grown fond of, and put things back the way they were or does he embrace change.

fire city 3
Cornelia cooks something up in her lab

Fire City: End of Days is a good-looking with really good set dressing, make up and prosthetics, but  my problem with it was that the opening half hour or so was a bit confused and occasionally the narrative structure was a bit hard to follow. I really liked how the idea of just one good deed could alter the balance between the worlds of the normal and the paranormal and the resultant goody-goody world is almost unbearably twee, I guess we all require a bit of misery to appreciate the happy times, but at what price?.

A Noir-Giallo mash-up, where the real monsters are us I give Fire City: End of Days a 555/666

Fire City: End of Days is released on DVD in the UK 25 March


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