Crossed + 100 Vol. 1 by Alan Moore and Gabriel Andrade

It’s hard to describe how excited we were down the Hothouse dungeon when we heard that Alan Moore was going to be writing a new set of comics set in the world of Garth Ennis’ Crossed.

Artwork by Gabriel Andrade

For Crossed virgins Ennis has created a world where an infection that causes a cross-shaped red rash over the victim’s face takes hold of the human race. The rash naturally isn’t the worst of it though, the infected  lose any sense of rational morality and gleefully descend into an abyss of unthinkable violence and depraved sexuality. Meanwhile the uninfected attempt to survive as society crumbles around them.

Crossed  + 100 is a stand alone thread that requires no former knowledge of the Crossed universe. Volume 1 gathers together the first  six comics in the series which is set 100 years in the future of the original crossed outbreak. Attempting to rebuild society, the uninfected have formed small communities in fortified compounds. Archivist Furture Taylor is part of a scavenging team searching for clues to rebuild the historical record of the past. Future is intrigued by images and videos from the original Crossed outbreak, little realising  that she is uncovering a set of clues that are about to devastate her own future.

As ever Alan Moore’s breadth of storytelling imagination is quite stunning, successfully explaining a horrific future dystopia. This is perfectly complemented by Gabriel Andrade’s artwork, which does not shy away from displaying either graphic violence (which there is quite a bit of) and very explicit sex.  As the plot unfolded I found myself totally gripped as Future’s world  hurtled towards a humdinger of a cliff hanger at episode six’s conclusion.

I give Crossed + 100 a 666/666

I have to get my paws on Volume 2

Crossed + 100 is out now from Avatar Press in the UK price £20.99 hardback £14.99 softback.




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