The House of Screaming Death new images released

We are really excited about is the forthcoming portmanteau horror movie The House of Screaming Death. Harking back to the glory days of Amicus and Hammer the film contains four  macabre tales that are linked together  by the mysterious Architect.

Filming the Architect scenes and pick-ups has just wrapped and producers Kaush Patel and Dave Hastings have released some new images for us to enjoy.


The identity of the actor who plays the Architect has yet to be revealed, but Kaush Patel, who also directed the Architect scenes, remarked how: ‘it was a joy to be on set with such an iconic and established British actor of stage and screen whose filmography goes back decades. It was an absolute joy to direct him and he got the character nailed down perfectly from the very beginning. He actually made the segments even more sinister than we had written in the script, which itself was horrifying to begin with! We cannot wait to reveal who he is in the coming months’.

Elizabeth Proctor from The Witch in the Mirror

Dave Hastings, who also had a hand in writing for The Architect scenes, expressed just how brilliant the whole team has been, both in front of and behind the cameras! ‘Everyone is amazing and were committed to showing just how much talent is in the Midlands. We’ve all done this for free, out of our own time because we want to show that this region of the country is full of amazing creativity that will rival the likes of London, Manchester, but just gets glossed over and practically ignored continuously. We’ve had so much support from local councils such as Walsall and The Manor House itself, while local Grange Playhouse acting members have also been involved taking up the reins as an angry Victorian village mob chasing our Vampyre! It’s been a truly collaborative effort and very overwhelming’.

The Necromancer

Kaush and Dave, together with  all the other directors, writers, cast and crew are determined to show that the iconic gothic style of horror seen in countless Hammer/Amicus Studio productions is still very much alive, and waiting to be unleashed, except on this occasion, from the gloriously macabre British Midlands! Kaush added: ‘everyone wants to show that classic British Gothic Horror is certainly not dead and gone. It’s just been resting…in the grounds of Bray Manor, where the mysterious Architect awaits you’.

‘And you definitely will not forget him for a long time after the film ends”, they promise. Watch out for the Architect when he is finally revealed in the next trailer coming soon’


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