Antediluvian Miniatures

One of the formative influences on this particular horror fan was an interest in dinosaurs. Not just the real ones, even though they are monster cool, but also the kind of creatures faced by characters like Professor Challenger in Irwin Allen’s The Lost World (1960) or by Raquel Welch in One Million Years BC (1966), and even the dreadful rubber dinos faced by Doug McClure in those Amicus prehistoric creature features The Land that Time Forgot (1975) and  At The Earth’s Core (1976). Yeah they look a bit rubbish since Jurassic Park raised the bar with its CGI creatures, but it was all we had back when I was growing up.

Well aside from the Natural history Museum’s fossils and the wonderful Crystal Palace Dinosaurs created by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins in the 1850s under the direction of paleontologist Sir Richard Owen, the man who invented the word dinosaur to describe the newly discovered creatures to te Victorian public.Sure some of them are hopelessly inaccurate reconstructions, the horn on the Crystal Palace Iguanodon’s nose is actually its thumb spike, but they still looked dead cool .

The mighty inaccurate Crystal Palace Iguanodon photo by me

So imagine my delight when I discovered the Lost World (see what I did there) of the Antediluvian Miniatures, yes someone has gone and lovingly crafted a set of miniatures based on these creatures, how I would have loved top own such things back in the 1960s, in fact I know exactly what I want for Christmas come December!

The mighty miniature Iguanodon

That person is Andrew Taylor of Antediluvian Miniatures. We decided to ask Andrew what inspired him to create such a set of miniature marvels.

A pair of metal cast Rhamphorhychus
‘I’ve had an interest in dinosaurs since I was a small child, as many of us do! I had the usual collection of slightly crappy rubber toy dinosaurs with gaping fang filled mouths, they weren’t very good back then, you can get some pretty good models nowadays.
 I loved monster films, especially those with Ray Harryhausen effects, but also those films based on the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs; The Land that Time Forgot and At the Earths Core, and also the similarly styled Warlords of Atlantis. These had pretty shonky special effects even for the day, but they had a certain charm.
Of course the Dinosaurs would not be complete without a set of adventurers step forward Professor Peter Cushion, Raquel Scotch and slug McClure
I had many books on the subject, and had a fascination with the strange almost otherworldly quality of the early Victorian reconstructions, brutal primitive reptiles that were constantly fighting each other in the gloomy primeval atmosphere! Nobody seemed to make models of these strange creatures, I knew a few sculptors, one of whom, Andrew May, had done some superb dragons, one of which reminded me of the Megalosaurus from Crystal Palace Park for some reason. This gave me the idea to commission him to do the first of the Victorian style dinosaurs for our range, and then the rest of the beasts from Crystal Palace to go with him!
I thought a few lost world style explorers would also go well with them, so had these made, as well as some Guardians from Warlords of Atlantis.’
Warlord and Guardians of Lemuria
So what’s next for Antediluvian miniatures? Andrew explained ‘As for future releases, well there are a few more Victorian style prehistoric creatures to complete the set as it were. We will also be releasing a few more lost world themed models including a man-eating plant and more explorers, as well as some fantasy miniatures.’
Wel I’m sorted for Christmas how about you?
Find out more at Antediluvian Miniatures.



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