Seize the Night Free to View Online from Tuesday 3 May

Hot on the heels of a frenzied round of festival and film shows , Emma Dark’s self-produced and directed vampire short Seize the Night will be released free to view online  on Tuesday 3 May.


For those of you who haven’t been lucky enough to catch the movie yet, Emma plays Eva a vampire assassin, who having escaped from a top-secret biological research  establishment s hell-bent on taking revenge against those who put her there, including werewolf alpha Tobias (Carey Thring) and his pack. Confronting Tobias she discovers there is a far greater danger facing them both. Old differences are forgotten as vampire and werewolf are thrown together in fight for survival.

Emma Dark as Eva

Seize the Night has been well received on the festival circuit winning Emma a coveted MMBF Rising Star award at Ireland’s Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival. Emma said: ‘I’ve lived and breathed Seize the Night since its conception back in November 2014, and its been a distinctly tough but extremely rewarding journey. The film has been well received to date, with a lot of positive comments from festival goers, and extensive media coverage for a short film. I’m now looking forward to releasing it to a wider audience.’

Merlyn Roberts in Seize the Night

The Hothouse got to see Seize the Night on the big screen at the Women in Horror Month film show back in February and its a very polished piece of filmmaking with really exquisite almost monochromatic cinematography by AJ Singh,  a dramatic musical score, great prosthetics and makeup and some pretty cool action stunts .

Details of how to access the online release will be available on the day, for more information on Seize the Night visit the Seize the Night website

Seize the Night on Horror Hothouse

We talk to werewolf alpha Tobias Carey Thring

We talk to VFX wizard Davy Simmons

We talk to Emma Dark’s writing partner Richard Humphries

We talk to vampire fang man Steve Bosworth



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