Bargain Basement of Terror – Cowboys and Vampires (2010)

Open wide dear the dentist will see you now

Also known as Dead West, Cowboys and Vampires disappointed from the moment it came out of the shrink-wrap. This bargain basement release attempted ride on the coat tails of the bigger budgeted turkey that was Cowboys and Aliens, but only succeeded in being even more rubbish.

To kick off with Cowboys and Vampires isn’t even a proper Western, which is a real shame as it could have been quite fun. No siree Bob it sure ain’t, the action takes place at Old Tucson,  modern-day Western theme park where pre-faded western star Johnny Dust (Jasen Wade) ekes out a living doing ‘shoot em up’ shows along with Gloria Valenzuela (Anjelica Celaya). With Westerns losing their allure with the punters a new management team take over Old Tucson and attempt to spice thing up with a ghost train ride that passes through an old mine shaft known as Lost Dutchman’s Cave. Problem is that during construction an ancient Native American artefact is disturbed just in time for the grand opening at Halloween.  Well it would be wouldn’t it.

The Scooby Doo plotline isn’t the worst thing about this movie, the dialogue is quite badly written, the characters have about as much depth as an anorexic flatworm and the acting isn’t that great either. For some reason there is a radio interview with Johnny Dust intercut with the action which makes absolutely no narrative sense at all given the movie’s conclusion, unless we are in a ‘film about a film’, but this aspect just isn’t explored adequately to aid understanding.

What you see isn’t what you get

Amazon resellers are knocking this DVD out for 1 penny plus P & P

A rootin tootin one way trip to the charity shop for this DVD 222/666


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