The House of Screaming Death – New Trailer reveals the Architect

Tales From the Crypt had the Cryptkeeper (Ralph Richardson), Dr Myra Lark (Jenny Runacre) took charge when The Ghost Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore,  while Dr Terror (Peter Cushing) held his House of Horrors together, crucial to  every portmanteau horror is the structure that links its disparate parts together.At last David Hastings and Kaush Pater have revealed the identity of the mysterious Architect who is the mortar of The House of Screaming Death due for release later this year.

screaming death1
Say hello to the Architect it’s Ian McNiece

McNiece is a familiar face on British TV having had recurring roles in Dr Who (Churchill) and Doc Martin as well as clocking up appearances New Tricks, Lewis, Jonathan Creek and Spooks and I’m sure his lugubrious delivery will be an absolute treat.

As if that wasn’t enough there’s also a new trailer for the movie

And a new poster too

screraming death2


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