Trail of Blood on the Trail


Brad (Brett Erikson) takes Ava (Aileeah Colgan) on a cycling trip cycling the Illinois woodlands with the promise of a massage at a luxury spa at the end of the ride. Little does Ava suspect that Brad has arranged for one of his mates to dress up as a clown and surprise Ava with an engagement ring when they get to the old deserted tunnel. Yes a clown urrrrggghh! it won’t end well will it Flowers?.

As if that idea isn’t creepy enough the zombie apocalypse kicks off and before too long the woods are full of slavering living dead stumbling around and chowing down on folks out for a pleasant stroll, which soon offers a salutary lesson on why having your MP3 player turned up too loud is a bad idea. So Brad and Eva cycle on to the tunnel and it’s probably best to leave the plot right there although you can probably guess at what kind of mayhem is likely to ensue.

Trail of Blood on the Trail has won a few indie film awards, but for me the basic girlfriend thinks clowns are creepy gag that goes monster wrong is worth about a 15 minute short, rather than being padded out with stodgy filler, to a one hour 20 minute feature, however I did learn that these Illinois zombies can be taken down with a good kicking and that they are hopeless on in-line skates so it wasn’t all bad.

Overlong zombie flick with an occasional comic payoff I give Trail of Blood on the Trail a 333/666

Trail Of Blood On The Trail is available to rent from $1.99 and can be purchased for $8.99 through VHX and through Gumroad.




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