You Only Die Once (2016) or so Amanda B Goodman says

Bloody Nora

So the pitch went ‘This is my second short, and it’s based on the Hammer Horror films of the 60’s & 70’s’ That was enough for me, I was hooked and reeled in by Queens based filmmaker Amanda B Goodman, who not only directed, but also wrote and acted in the movie. Released appropriately on Friday 13th May 2016 You Only Die Once is a sassy knockabout comedy that pitches a trio of lady vampire hunters (Goodman, Teegan Curitz and Jen Keefe) against John DeSilvestri’s Lee (geddit), a wannabee modern-day Dracula and his pair of vampire brides. It’s a lot of fun, but don’t just take my word for it.

So I asked Amanda what got her into filmmaking and how did You Only Die Once come about?:

‘I got into filmmaking a few years ago. I’ve been an actor and a writer (horror) for many years. I studied film in college and had been on many film sets as an actor and in other roles and it finally got to a point where I just wanted to create the kind of work on film that I love, which of course is horror. I like blending the scary, often times off-putting, with the funny. I am highly influenced by the works of Wes Craven, Joss Whedon, and many of the great European horror filmmakers like Argento and Bava. I mean those colors!’

You Only Die Once is my love letter to the great Hammer Horror films (especially Dracula). The movie tells the tale of three childhood best friends and vampire hunters whose friendship is called into question when one of their boyfriends becomes a vamp-bride craving, Count Dracula voice mimicking, messy blood-sucker! It’s Buffy meets Hammer Horror with a few surprises along the way.

The Argento and Bava influences, clearly shine through on top of those from Hammer and Buffy in You Only Die Once, but Amanda’s first film Cori’s First Horror, which also stars Teegan Curitz and Jen Keefe along with Amanda,  has more of a Craven burn.

Very nice payoff to conclude Cori’s First Horror Amanda, but what can we expect next from Amanda B Goodman filmmaker?:
,I’ve already starting writing my next film which will be a witch based comedy that I hope to shoot sometime early next year. I’ve also got several horror screenplays finished and in other development stages. If I’m blessed to keep doing this the rest of my life, even if only two people watch and enjoy my films, I can die happy. ‘Just hopefully not untill I’m very very old!’
Amen to that! Amanda B Goodman thanks for talking to and sharing your films with us.
Find out more about Amanda B Goodman here

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