Ritual AKA Modus Anomali (2012)


Rio Dewanto

So this bloke (Rio Dewanto) erupts from a shallow grave in the middle of the woods and can’t remember who he is and all the contacts on his phone have been deleted. Doncha just hate it when that happens? Stumbling across what he thinks is s deserted cabin he finds a camcorder set up with a post it not telling him to press play. On the screen he watches as a masked man brutally stabs a woman, just before he falls backwards over her corpse.

Triggering the memory of  the nightmare start to a family holiday the man sets out into the woods is a desperate attempt to find and save his two kids. giving away any more would spoil your viewing fun, but the twisted conclusion to this disturbingly violent Indonesian shocker will tear open your skull and leave size 13 footprints in your grey matter.


Oh so that’s who I am

This is writer and director Joko Anwar’s fourth feature as director after; Joni’s Promise (2005), Dead Time: Kala (2007) and The Forbidden Door (2009) and his first in the English language. The momentum with which Anwar ties together the clues that eventually lead to the big reveal is staggeringly impressive, while the running about in the forest sequences are beautifully shot making almost agoraphobic use of perspective to dwarf Dewanto under the canopy of trees   On the basis of Ritual I suspect Hollywood should be knocking on Anwar’s door.

Gory, violent and with an almighty mind numbing twist in the tail I give Ritual a 555/666

ritual box

Ritual was released on DVD and VOD in the UK 16 May