The Wolf and The Baby – Director William Bigos tells us WTF is going on

One of the perks of hosting a Horror Blog is that lots of interesting folks want to share their stuff with you and your readers. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad, occasionally its awesome brilliant and then there is the stuff that’s just Batshit Gonzo Crazy. The Wolf and the Baby is Batshit Gonzo Crazy, but we love Batshit Gonzo Crazy.

Father Kraytonas (writer Nicholas Mozak)

I’m not even going to try to explain what it’s about so over to writer/director William Bigos: ‘The Wolf and the Baby was originally planned as two short movies and was later combined as one feature film.  The premise of the film surrounds a man who mysteriously is pregnant but it’s not weird for any of the other characters in the film.  Quickly several evil forces enter the mix surrounding the pregnancy and all start to battle each other to claim the unborn child.  Included in the evil forces are a Satanic gynecologist, a homicidal vagrant with magical powers, a mysterious priest, a morally skewed Nazi, and Santa Claus.  What follows is a gory and tragic tale that we hope you’ve never seen anything like before!

wolf 3

When we finished this movie we decided that since we worked so hard on it for two years that we simply just wanted people to be able to see and enjoy it, so we decided to release it for free on Youtube!
William Bigos and Nicholas Mozak are the founding members of Anti-Films.  They began making short films shortly after high school.  Instead of going to film school, they both decided to work in the medical field and pursue filmmaking as a hobby.  Currently they have produced one more feature film than the rest of their friends that went to film school.  Their number one influence is Sam Raimi and The Evil Dead, which as far as films go, is their Bible.
Dr Splean (Benjamin Lauffer)
Bigos continued ‘Anti-Films next big project is a slasher film called Ten Sided Die that is Dungeons and Dragons themed.  It features a killer magic Wizard.  We will also be releasing a podcast in the near future named Your New Favorite Movie in which Nick and I pitch new movie ideas to the listener.’
Bill thanks for sharing your movie with Hothouse readers and best of luck with your future projects.

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