Sophie Tergeist- Silently Within Your Shadow’s Puppet Master has the Last Word

One of the best shorts the Hothouse has seen so far this year (and there have been some real corkers) is  ventriloquist doll shocker Silently Within Your Shadow by Scott Lyus. Taking the lead as Lucette, the malevolent Hugo’s puppet master is the very talented Sophie Tergeist and we were delighted whan she agreed to have a chat with us about her work.

Official Still 4
Sophie Tergeist in Silently Within Your Shadow

Obviously the first thing we wanted to know was what made Sophie want to become an actor and how did she break into the profession: ‘My first encounter with acting was in Paris, France, where I am originally from (my English accent is American because my mother is from the US). About seven years ago, a friend took me to her comedy class, and I just fell in love with being part of a theatre group and performing. I moved to the UK in 2009, did quite a bit of theatre, studied at Arts Ed, and then entered the world of film by doing a series of shorts.’

My first screen lead role was in a short thriller called Lover’s Sea where I play a schizophrenic who ends up in a pool of blood, that was pretty scary!’

We really enjoyed Silently Within Your Shadow, how strange was it acting with Hugo, he’s really creepy!

Thank you, I’ve been so pleased with the reactions to this film!

‘I would say I’m not afraid of dolls as some people seem to be, and Scott Lyus’s script implied such a rich backstory for my character Lucette that the doll became my “friend” quite quickly. On set, I was often talking to and holding the doll tenderly to stay in character. It wasn’t too strange, I had to embrace it as a full character and person, as Lucette did. Come to think of it, it was probably stranger for some of the crew!

Silently Within Your Shadow is currently being shown at film shows throughout the UK and we throughly recommend catching it if you can, but getting back to Sophis she has already got some new projects lined up.

I recently did a comedy feature called Shakespeare’s Diaries, which is coming out soon. In it, I play an American actress who arrives in Stratford-upon-Avon and embarks on an adventure with her new friends to save Shakespeare’s stolen diaries.

Official Still 3
Sophie on stage as Lucette

Also – very exciting – I’m doing two or perhaps three new projects with Scott Lyus! We are preparing our next collaboration as we speak.

Exciting news and certainly something for us short movie fans to look forward to, Sophie good luck with the new projects and thank you for talking to the Horror Hothouse.



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