Your Resting Place – David Towsey book review

Your_resting_place_4Your Resting Place is the third and final instalment of David Towsey’s The Walkin Trilogy that began with Your People’s Blood and continued with Your Servants and Your People. set in a post-apocalyptic society that has reverted to something like the Wild West only with extra dead people coming back to begin ‘the Walk’. These walkers however don’t hunt out brains or human flesh, but function sentiently despite being shunned by warm-blooded society.

Adolescent Ryan is scratching out a living on a dusty homestead, while his ma drinks and whores herself towards an early grave. when Ma crosses to the other side Ryan has to face a whole new raft of challenges when his estranged father tries to find him while dodging the revenge of the mysterious Drowned Woman, a Walkin who legend has it was too wet to burn like other living dead folk.

I described Your Servants and Your People as a fucked up Little House on the Prairie and Your Resting Place starts off much in the same vein before mutating into a cracked revenge Western and road story that holds a few surprises for the reader. I give it a 444/666.

Your Resting Place is out now in paperback from our good friends at Jo Fletcher Books price £20


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