Red Mist AKA Freakdog (2008) – Bargain Basement of Terror

Kenneth Chisholm (Primeval‘s Andrew Lee Potts) is a self harming loner who works as a hospital janitor. The medical students call him Freakdog (hence the US title) When Kenneth attempts to join a bunch of cool medical students partying at a local bar his drink is spiked, he goes into an epileptic fit and suffers brain damage tha renders him comatose.

Kenneth puts the move on unconvincing Goth Harriet (Katie McGrath)

Feeling a sense of responsibility Catherine (Arielle Kebbel) researches new drug therapies for coma patients and injects Kenneth with an experimental compound that stimulates the area of the brain responsible for out-of-body experiences. Oh dear she shouldn’t have done that because Kenneth’s mind goes on a by proxy killing spree, using unwilling volunteers to knock off the gang who spiked his drink in various nasty ways. so essentially we are looking a remodeling of Richard Franklin’s Patrick (1978) or The Medusa Touch (also 1978 a good year for out-of-body experience?).

red mist 3
Kim (Sarah Carter) gets a nasty dose of Freakdog possession

Directed by Paddy (Shrooms) Breathnach and filmed in Northern Ireland Red Mist is set in the United States, presumably seeking to appeal to a wider market. It’s a real shame because it’s not a bad movie that delivers the odd decent scare, but the sets actually look too much like a British NHS hospital to be convincing and the predominantly British cast, which includes Ripper Street‘s MyAnna Buring and Line of Duty‘s Martin Compston as well as Lee Potts, are to be frank often a bit rubbish at putting on an American accent. Oh and there is an unconvincing Goth too.

Good idea, but poor execution I give Red Mist a 444/666

red mist2

You should be able to pick up Red Mist for a penny plus postage on Amazon.




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