Even Lambs Have Teeth – DVD Competition


Katie (Tiera Skovbye) and Slaone (Kisten Prout) have had a bad day

Dreaming of a shopping trip to New York City Katie and Sloane take off to the countryside to earn a few dollars working on an organic farm. Only they accept a lift from two hunks driving a blue pick-up truck. Will these kids never learn about people out in backwoods America who drive pick-ups?

Naturally they are drugged with a portion of Mom’s apple pie and, stripped, chained up and being raped and abused by all the local psychos that inhabit small town America. When Katie’s FBI agent uncle comes looking for them, head psycho Boris Carlson (Patrick Gilmore) decides to kill them, but makes the mistake of leaving the girls in the care of his cigarette smoking side-kick (Graem Beddoes) while he goes out looking for some new meat.

Well we all know smoking is bad for you and before too long the girls are out shopping for those special revenge spree killing goods down at the local neighbourhood hardware store.


Sloane’s long arm of the law

And boy do these girls dish out the revenge on the folks who abused them. I have to admit I found the first half of Even Lambs Have Teeth uncomfortable going even though we don’t actually get to see much of the abuse Katie and Sloane suffer in graphic detail. The savage revenge was much easier viewing especially as the girls’ abusers were such outwardly respectable members of the local community and they clearly get what they deserve.

The two young leads are engagingly sassy performers once they take control (especially the refugee from the Twiglet saga)  and the small town America cinematography is often quite beautiful. There is a cracking alt-country soundtrack too.

lambs 3

job done girls?

A high-octane volatile revenge chiller I give Even Lambs Have Teeth a 555/666

Even Lambs Have Teeth (CERT.18) is available on DVD & Digital on 13th June 2016 in the UK, courtesy of Solo Media and Matchbox Films, but we have three DVDs to give away to the first three lucky UK Flowers to e-mail us at horrorhothouse@hotmail.co.uk, withe their name and address