Enemy Mine (1985) Blu-Ray Reissue

So its 2092 and the human race is out colonising the outer reaches of the galaxy when they run into the Dracs. Pilot Willis Davidge’s (Dennis Quaid) ship is damaged in a dogfight when he shoots down a Drac fighter and he has to make a forced landing on the same planet his Drac opponent has just crashed down upon. Losing his navigator in the crash


You have been a very naughty boy

Davidge is pretty pissed at the Drac pilot and attempts to kill him, but ends up as his prisoner. To survive on the hostile alien planet Davidge and Geriba (Louis Gosset Jr) have to overcome their initial hatred and as they come to rely on each other’s skills hostility turns to mutual respect and then friendship. A friendship that is tested to its very limits when Davidge discovers Geriba is pregnant and finds himself in charge of a Drac baby when Geriba dies in labour.


Don’t fancy lunch much

Wolfgang Petersen’s sci-fi epic is essentially an extraterrestrial  remake of John Boorman’s Hell in the Pacific (1968) where a US Pilot (Lee Marvin) is marooned on a unihabited Pacific island with Japanese Navy Captain (Toshiro Mifune) during World War II, which was of course a re-imagining of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. Enemy Mine riffs off both and there’s nothing wrong with that, because it’s a good story to begin with, there is plenty of action and loads of stuff gets blown up and zapped with lasers.

For a film made in 1985 the visual effects by Industrial Light and Magic are pretty good, as are the make-up and prosthetics which render Louis Gossett Jr unrecognisable. Although shot in Germany the exterior locations work was filmed in the unworldly volcanic landscape of  Timanfaya National Park  in Lanzarote where a fur bikini clad Raquel Welch was menaced by dinosaurs in One Million Years BC (1966). There’s also an  interesting musical score by Maurice (Lawrence of Arabia) Jarre.

Eureka Video’s new Blu-Ray release of the movie presents Enemy Mine in a gorgeous new transfer. Blu-Ray extras include:


Deleted scene from original German dub


Collectors booklet.

A new slant on a classic story I give Enemy Mine a 555/666


Enemy Mine was released on Blu-Ray on 20 June by Eureka in the UK price £17.99