Echoes of the Passed – A new film from Scott Lyus – crowdfunding now

The Hothouse is a big fan of Scott Lyus, the director of ventriloquist doll shocker Silently Within Your Shadow. so when we heard that he had a new scary project on the way we had to track him down to his secret lair and make him talk.


So Scott what’s the new movie all about?

‘Echoes of the Passed is the story of four individuals preparing to investigate a famous haunted house. While most horror films would tell their story during the investigation, our story is told before as we explore their motivations for being there and dig into their history, as well as the dark history that surrounds the house.

‘We have an amazing cast and crew involved with this picture. We have most of the crew from Silently Within Your Shadow returning, including Sharad Patel returning as DOP and Ed Harris returning to provide us with another incredible score. We have an amazing screenplay from Tony Sands, who will also star in the picture alongside Mac McFadden and our two leads: Sophie Tergeist (from Silently Within Your Shadow) is taking on the role of Liz
Official Still 3
Sophie Tergeist
and the incredible Paul Dewdney will lead the investigations as Professor Ian Naughton.’
Paul Dewdney
Andy Dean of UK Horror Scene and Chris Nials of the London Horror Society will also serve as co-producers, with myself directing and producing the picture.’
If Scott’s previous form is anything to go by this is going to be a great film and you can help Scott make it happen by helping to fund the movie at the film’s indigogo page. Go on you know you want to.

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