The Black Tape (2015)

black tape

So on 13 May 2011 a mystery VHS tape (that’s real old school isn’t it) is delivered to local newspapers, TV and radio stations around the town of South Hill California. the tape contains a record of a murder committed in the town.

Turns out our masked intruder has infiltrated the victims home and set up webcams in most of the rooms, so we can all enjoy his antics as he appears to set up a kidnapping and then demands a ransom from Stephanie Wilson’s frantic parents. Now any more reveal will spoil the plot of Ramone Menon’s micro budget found footage shocker, that was shot in just 14 days..

Right what makes The Black Tape different to most found footage movies is the concept of using static webcams concealed within the house rather than the usual wobble vision of people running around and dropping the camera (although there is a wee bit of that in the film). While different it does limit the use of the on-screen image, with few close-ups into the cast’s faces for example, which in term limits the sort of emotional connection you can make with the cast as the story progresses.The non-linear structure of the narrative does however work keep you guessing as to what is going to happen next.

An original take on a tiring format I give The Black Tape a 444/666


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