Win an Exclusive Bad Acid Poster designed by Graham Humphreys

Bad Acid Poster correct
Poster designed by Graham Humphreys

Back in April we got to speak to director David Chaudoir about his short supernatural shocker Bad Acid. Well since then David has performed a touch of minor surgery on the tale of washed up stage hypnotist magician Marvin Maskelyn who discovers a mind altering tab of acid that provides a gateway to our world for a supernatural entity, inside a middle eastern lamp that he buys as a stage prop from a mysterious antiques shop.

Marvin Maskelyn seals the deal for the magic lamp

Here at the Hothouse we think Bad Acid would sit great in one of those Amicus portmanteau horrors from the 1960s or 70s, like From Beyond the Grave or Dr Terror’s House of HorrorsBad Acid’s new cut is currently being submitted to film festivals and independent film shows. The rather splendid Bad Acid poster has been designed by the talented Hothouse pal Graham Humphreys and the fantastic news is we have a copy of the poster for one lucky Hothouse reader to win!

Graham AtWork copy
Graham Humphreys at work in his studio

To win this exclusive poster just answer the question below and e-mail the answer with your name and address to

Which Amicus portmanteau horror featured Hammer legend Peter Cushing as a mysterious antique shop owner?

A. From Beyond the Grave

B. Tales from the Crypt

C The Vault of Horror


Good luck


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