The Lightest Darkness – Crowdfunding Now

A reverse chronology Russian film noir? OK that’s me hooked ‘so what’s The Lightest Darkness all about?’ we asked director Diana Galimzyanova.

The Lightest Darkness is a thriller/mystery. A cruel and ironic serial killer has been terrorizing the railroad for the last six months. I.R. Musin, the private eye, finds himself on the train. He’s a clean freak who is on meds. He meets his fellow travelers, Arina the introverted female game designer and Elina Vyasovtseva the mysterious and polite piano player. They ask him to tell a story about his work, and he starts to remember it backwards. The film is in black and white and adheres to an authentic film noir style, with no nudity or on-screen violence.’

‘I am excited to introduce this first ever female-directed, reverse chronology Russian film noir to the world.’ Diana continued: ‘Film noir has such a rich history, and I am proud to be able to continue that legacy. I want to insert that unique, personal perception into the film to make it feel authentic because I want to make a real film noir that is deep and not superficial. Although the story is not set in the 40s, all the characters are dressed in 40s style and they use props from 40s, but they also Skype with each other. I see it as an alternate universe where things are a bit different from our own world.’

Inspired by the pioneer women directors like Ida Lupino, Galimzyanova wants to make an authentic film noir that while staying true to the style’s roots, also has a modern twist. We like the sound of that and from the make up, cinematography and set design in the trailer it looks as if she has also been pretty heavily influenced by German Expressionist filmmakers like Robert Wiene (there’s definitely a touch of Conrad Veidt as Cesar in The Cabinet of Dr Caligari in there) , FW Murau and Fritz Lang, all of whom of course had a big influence upon the Hollywood noirs of the 1930s and 40s.

The film is currently in the midst of an IndieGoGo campaign hoping to raise $35,000 to cover production costs and if you are feeling generous Flowers there are some cool perks to be had right here. Go on you know you want to.


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