Supernatural – Mythmaker by Kim Waggoner

OK before I begin I’m not an avid viewer of Supernatural, it seems to be one of those shows that gets shifted around from channel to channel and from time slot to time slot, leaving me with scant idea of what happens other than Sam and Dean rock up somewhere and sort out some spooky stuff.

Sam and Dean can’t remember which is which though

Which is precisely what the brothers do in Mythmaker, the latest in Titan Books‘s line of stand-alone literary spin-offs from the series, when teenage artist Renee Mendez is inspired to paint the strange gods that inhabit her dreams. It’s seldom a good idea for teenagers to press on with a hobby when as soon as the paint begins to dry the image vanishes and sure enough Corinth soon has a serious problem as all different gods attempt to collect as many followers as they can. Only this isn’t some kind of supernatural Facebook, the followers are needed as a source of psychic energy for when the gods (who are really more like super heroes) battle it out to become Top God. Having said that there are some folks I know on Facebook who….

OK back to Mythmaker, Sam and Dean hear about the weird death being dished out to the followers unlucky enough to choose the wrong gods of Corinth and decide to sort it out, aided only by fake FBI IDs and plenty of coffee and doughnuts.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Mythmaker, despite not being a regular show viewer. Sure your notions of the heroes characters are already pretty well-formed, but this gives plenty of scope for Waggoner to develop some really intriguing and imaginative bad guys and perhaps even more importantly, to examine the human flotsam that are attracted to follow these gods and the inner turmoil that motivates them.

Imaginative, exciting and action-packed I give Mythmaker a 555/666

Supernatural: Mythmaker is out now from Titan Books price £7.99 UK; $7.99 USA; $10.49 Canada




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