Lost Souls – Seth Patrick

lost souls

Confessions time. I was sent this book on spec by a PR agent in December last year and have only just got around to reading it as part of my holiday catch up. I’m glad I did because its a bloody good read.

Jonah Miller is a Reviver, one of a select band of people able to revive the recently departed. This ability comes in pretty handy when you are employed by the East Coast Forensic Revival Service, after all you can’t get a better witness to a murder than the victim himself.When Jonah and his Northern Irish technician pal Never Geary are called in to Washington DC to revive the corpse of a young woman who has been torn apart in a frenzied attack, they soon realise that they are dealing with something far more dangerous than your run of the mill American wingnut serial killer.

Oh no, because this murder was carried out by something demonic and pretty soon Jonah and Geary are up to their necks in a an adventure that involves an old adversary who is plotting to summon forth vast demonic power from another dimension in his quest to become a god, regardless of the consequences for mankind.

Lost Souls is an odd beast being part supernatural thriller and part police procedural topped off with a James Bond style super-villain with megalomaniac ambition, but it works. Imagine if Ian Rankin had got together with HP Lovecraft to write a screenplay for Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman and you are not far off.

Lost Souls is the second of Seth Patrick’s Jonah Miller adventures following on from the events in The Reviver, I might have enjoyed Lost Souls even more had I read The Reviver first, but its a cracking good read on its own.

I give Lost Souls a 666/666

Lost Souls is published by Pan Macmillan in the UK price £7.99


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