Salient Minus Ten – Crowdfunding Now



We are big fans of Emma Dark at the Hothouse so we were delighted to discover that he multi talented producer/director/writer and star of Seize the Night is working on a new Horror/Sci-fi short Salient Minus Ten.

Salient Minus Ten features Dean Sills (from Hothouse favourite The Railway Carriage) as Adam Harper, a man who finds himself catapulted into a strange, reality changing game… A game of time and chance, where the stakes are a matter of life and death.

Dean Sills in The Railway Carriage

Aside from Dean the film’s cast includes: Chris Hampshire and Beric Read from Seize the Night, and Emma takes a supporting role as the story’s antagonist. Joining the crew are more Seize the Night alumni, composer Eric Elick, VFX artist Davy Simmons, and assistant director Merlyn Roberts. Further cast and crew announcements will be made via the film’s social media.

Emma Dark as Eva in Seize the Night

Emma told us: ‘ Salient Minus Ten is a cerebral foray into the darker more disturbing side of Science Fiction’

Currently in pre-production, the film is set to start shooting in September.

Salient Minus Ten is crowdfunding now, and if you’d like to get your hands on some limited edition merchandise or even film credits you can do so by contributing at the film’s Indigogo page


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