Nosferatu’s Shadow – The Official Hothouse Edinburgh Fringe Pick and Some More Fringe Stuff


So after all the big build up how was it for us?

It was great thanks, as we took our seats in the intimacy of The Sweet (there could only have been about 30 seats) we were immediately captivated by Daviot as he played out Schreck’s life story, from growing up in Berlin with a strict father who forbade a career as an actor, through working with Bertolt Brecht and Max Reinhardt and the rise of Nazism (Schreck performed anti-Nazi satire in the building next door to Munich’s Nazi HQ). All the time Schreck was haunted by  the spectre of the role he played as  Graf Orlok in Murnau’s Dracula knock off  Nosferatu,  a film that was supposed to have been  destroyed on the orders of Florence Stoker’s lawyers, which came to be the only role that anybody has ever remembered him for.

It’s an intense performance, there are aspects that will make you laugh and aspects that will chill your blood, if you are lucky enough to be in Edinburgh up to 28 August go see it. you won’t leave disappointed.

While Nosferatu’s Shadow is our must see Fringe show for 2016,  we’d also recommend:

Angel to Vampire, Space Triplex: Hothouse favourite Nigel Osner‘s cabaret show features stories and songs from characters ranging from a discontented angel to a vampire prince, a bitingly funny

Poe’s Last Night, The Sweet Grassmarket: David Crawford takes us into the mind of Edgar Allan Poe during his last hours on the streets of Baltimore. His most revealing works come to life, including The Cask of Amontillado, The Raven and Alonetickets

Will Seaward’s Spooky Midnight Ghost Stories III, Gilded Balloon Teviot:  Part Brian Blessed, part Oscar Wilde, part crazed Victorian music hall MC, Will Seaward on the stroke of midnight brings you Ghosts! Torches! Witches! Cobwebs! Vampires! Haunted objects! Doom! tickets

Oh Hello, Assembly George Square: OK I know it’s not horror but in the 1960s the Carry On team put as many bums on seats in UK cinemas as Hammer ever did. Jamie Rees returns to the Fringe as Charles Hawtrey, in this one-man show as he regales stories of 50 years in the film industry, working with the likes of Alfred Hitchcock. tickets



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