Driller Queen Teaser Trailer

Violet Blond is Ida Skinner

Ida Skinner is a depressed morgue attendant and drag queen. Poor Ida can’t afford nice clothes or a decent wig so when a dead glam stiff with fantastic hair arrives at the morgue Ida seizes the opportunity to scalp the corpse. With his lovely new locks Ida becomes the toast of the local drag scene and is inundated with requests for more of these fabulous human hair wigs. Trouble is there just aren’t enough people with great hair being admitted to the morgue. Well what’s a girl to do?


This will be the second film from musician turned filmmaker Kurt Dirt. Dirt describes the film as: ‘A project that has been buzzing around the back of my brain for a while. I grew up in the Manchester Drag/Queer Alt scene and everywhere you look there’s talent that is just crying out to be put to use in a project like this. another great thing about this scene is that the Manchester lot aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty or suffer for their art, much like John Waters ‘Dreamlanders’ or Andy Warhol’s Factory stars’.

We love the sheer twisted craziness of this movie so If you want to see this insane little gem make it onto the big screen a crowdfunding campaign will be launched soon.


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