Festival of Dark Arts – The Second Coming

Excitement is brewing in old London town Gorehounds, not only do we have The Horror Channel Frightfest 2016 kicking off on Thursday (25 August), but we also get Satanic Mojo and Guerrilla Zoo’s The Festival of Dark Arts The Second Coming opens on Friday 26 August at the Underdog Gallery.

FESTIVAL FLYER front small

Celebrating the influence of witchcraft, magic, cults and the occult on pop culture through visual arts, film, music, literature, spoken word and even games the festival commences with the epic opening Black Mass Ceremony at 7:30 on Friday 26 August. Participants can join the coven of freaks, witches and weirdos in the reenactment with live painting by Jason Atomic, narration by Nicoletta Wylde and a specially composed score by Jerome Alexander (Deadcuts) and friends, plus DJ Lem Kemz.

Saturday 27 August brings Club Hell, 9pm till late, which features A Tale of Lunar Madness, by Monsterlune and Mr Hell in a surreal hallucinogenic tale of geishas, human sacrifice and demonic black magic.

Sunday 28 AugustSatanic Mojo‘s Jason Atomic and Nova Stellar’s Mikki Moonbeam host the Cults and the Occult Pub Quiz from 6:30 to 11pm, with a chance to win prizes from contributing artists and DJ Griz.

Monday 29 August is film night with a talk by Gary Parsons on British witchcraft documentaries and screenings of The Dunsmore Devil Worshippers (1971) and The Legend of the Witches (1970) , This one is sold out folks.

There’s something a bit different for Tuesday 30 August with the Leave Something Witchy Life Drawing Salon from 7 to 9pm. Art Model Collective’s Manko and Carla will take poses inspired by Black Masses and Black Metal.

Wednesday August 31 is PROCESS Games Night from 7pm to late, an opportunity to explore some of the indoctrination techniques employed by the Mind Benders of Mayfair and take the quizzes and play some of the encounter games from the cult’s Process magazine. Plus live music from The Naked Grace Missionaries.

Thursday 1 September is Billy Chainsaw’s Psych Out Cinema (6:30pm). this is the event I’m looking forward to most with a presentation of the Mexican lesbian vampire occult chiller Alucarda (1977), plus the world premiere of Chainsaw and Collier’s cut up shorts Goats and Flies and a live conversation with English Gothic author Jonathan Rigby. Let’s face it Alucarda has everything so I already have my ticket for this night.


Join the Order of the Black Rainbow for Super Satanic Saturday on 3 September 9pm to late.A Satanic, Psychedelic Glam Rock disco with mind melting visuals and pulse pounding live music from Deadcuts and DJs Von Cobra, Matt Valentine and Griz.

Chill down with some Satanic shopping for occult comix, zines, books and art prints on Sunday September 4 at the Satanic Book Fair from 11am to 8pm. There will also be launch and signing for Satanic Mojo Comix 4

Plus running daily throughout there is the Art Exhibition featuring work by Chris Achilleos, Jason Atomic, Gaye Black, Billy Chainsaw, Espira, Gidjet Gein, Graham Humphries, Barry William Hale, Henry Hate, Savage Pencil and more. Open 12 to 6pm.

The Underdog Gallery is close to London Bridge rail and London Underground Station at Arch 6, Crucifix Lane, London, SE1 3JW.

Details and tickets Guerrilla Zoo


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