Maul Cop – Chewed over with Andy Walker

While the big studios are churning out a depressing quantity of sequels, reboots and remakes, original horror’s brightest hope is the independent sector and there is some really innovative and inspiring work out there from filmmakers like Kate Shenton, Lawrie Brewster, Merlyn Roberts and Emma Dark. It shows that if you have the determination to bring your work to the screen you can do it, but how to get started?

Well my mate Andy Walker has just produced and starred in his first short  Maul Cop so I asked him how he went about it:

‘I did a one day introduction to cinematography course with Synergy Media in Romford, Essex and was asked if I wanted to then do a short (three or four sessions) course going into a little more depth. I, of course said yes.

So we did one session with more theory and we discussed with Matt, the guy who was running the course, different ideas. Horror seemed the best concept for a short film, we were worried that if got too serious with it the film could end up being funny for all the wrong reasons so we went down more of a comedy route. The joke itself was one that Matt suggested (after we had gone through some other ideas that were not that good) and then we fleshed it out into a story, of sorts and  did a rough story board for the film.

Then we filmed in the second session. Then I edited it and adjusted the sound and colour, and added the soundtrack over a further two sessions.I did a ot of the camera work, some of the sound and (although guided) all of the editing. All in all I think it took about between eight to ten hours from initial idea to finished film.’

I think you will agree that the finished result is pretty impressive for a first film. So what’s next for Andy Walker filmmaker

‘I am going to be starting a further course with Synergy Media later this year which will count towards a level 1 certificate, and after that hopefully a 26 week level 2 course as well’

Romford based Synergy Media Training offer free music and film making workshops and courses running throughout the year for people aged 19 plus (terms and conditions apply).

For more information message them on facebook or telephone 01708 72 or email

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. mabofthefaeries says:

    Short, sharp and funny.

  2. Short, sharp and funny. Worth watching.

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