Let’s go to Pieces with Cappuccino’s Dean Harris

I think it must be some kind of inverse reaction, but with mainstream cinema dominated by ‘safe’ sequels and reboots, the UK indie scene is pushing out a whole bunch of original new horror, both in terms of features and especially shorts.

Kristy Guest is Isabella in Pieces

We recently received a teaser trailer from filmmaker Dean Harris of Cappuccino Studios, for Pieces, a short film written and directed by his partner Dan Sunley. We liked the creepy supernatural taster so much we asked if we could see the whole fourteen minutes and we weren’t disappointed.

It's rarely a good idea poking around in the loft
It’s rarely a good idea to go poking around in the loft

The film tells the story of Isabella (Kristy Guest) who arrives at her deceased grandmother’s house to clear out Gran’s personal belongings. She finds a jigsaw piece inside a strange book complete with a written note that says “finish it”, Isabella than sets out to find the rest of the puzzle. but as she gets closer to finishing it, she begins to realise she is not alone in the house…

I thought there was something of both MR James and Clive Barker in Sunley’s finished film with its menacing suspense ridden atmosphere and some very effective jump scares, aided and abetted by Mike Staniforth’s cinematography, Waqar Shah’s sound design and some spot on film editing by Dean, but take a look at the trailer and see what you think

So we decided to find out more about Cappuccino Studios and Pieces from Dean:

‘Cappuccino Studios, consists of myself and Dan Sunley. We met during a small production I was creating at University, and Dan auditioned for me. Influences? I’m a big thriller fan, love David Fincher and Dan is a huge fan of J & K-horrors. And of course we’re avid fans of the 80’s. Indiana Jones, Frightnight, Fletch the list goes on. I would say Pieces influences, haves been dug from somewhere in that lot.

Without sounding biased, Dan’s a great writer and I think he really tapped into something different with Pieces. The idea was something Dan’s had for a few years, the concept of having a character putting together a puzzle in a haunted setting. Combining this with a secret a family member had been keeping and the thought of what would happen if she suddenly died. It’s emotional origins though have been influenced from Dan’s love of supernatural thrillers, and particularly Ahn-Byeong Ki’s films.

We’re hoping to set Pieces free on the world via our YouTube channel after the big Halloween push at varying film festivals we have entered. It should be online early to mid November. So everyone should keep an eye open on our social networks’

So what’s next for Cappuccino Studios?

‘Next? We keep asking ourselves that very question! I think we’ll more than likely do another thriller/horror short over the next couple of years. But first I have to convince Dan to make a start on something!’

So keep an eye on the Hothouse Twitter feed for news of the online release, Dean thank you very much for talking to the Horror Hothouse.


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