Blackburn (2015)

‘I think we should probably split up’ no, no, no,. no you scream that’s the last thing you should do when you are exploring the old abandoned gold mine in the Alaskan wilderness, that just happens to be underneath the burnt out remains of Blackburn Asylum for the Criminally Insane! They never learn these overage college kids even after being warned off by the identical twin mad old ladies who run the local gas station (that has no petrol), who used to teach taxidermy to the asylum inmates.

The day just got worse

Naturally self obsessed Chelsea (Emilie Ullerup), her obnoxious frat-boy BF Luke (Alexander Calvert) , Ryan (Calum Worthy) whose cheating on his girlfriend Jade (Sarah Lind) with Chelsea and nice singleton Shaun (Zach Peladeau) ignore their advice and throw in a missing baby sub-plot and you can probably imagine what’s going to happen next.

I wonder where Luke and Ryan are?

Sure there are no real surprises in Blackburn, and the idea that an asylum for the criminally insane would be built on top of a mine in the Alaskan wilderness is totally nuts, but get over it because as slasher flicks go it’s a lot of fun: the abandoned gold mine is nice and claustrophobic, the disfigured feral asylum inmates are suitably tooled up with the sharp stuff, you get the requisite amount of running around and whimpering in the dark, the throughly deserved deaths you are rooting for, jump scares and a fair amount of grue, both visual and auditory. Jacqueline and Joyce Robbins are suitably batshit as the crazy gas station ladies and there is a guest appearance by Jen and Sylvia Soska to look forward to too.

blackburn 3
Oh dear this isn’t going to end well

Predictable but well made slasher I give  Blackburn a 555/666

Blackburn is out now on DVD and digital in the UK



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