Grave Walkers – AKA Live Evil (2015)

So it’s Halloween and Deputy Hancock (Charlene Amola) attends a crime scene to find a house full of corpses and some kind of malevolent presence materialising as a naked woman. What’s a girl to do but take said naturist spirit into custody.


Back at the cop shop the sheriff is calling in the FBI to collect two of their most wanted, who got picked up after making a delivery to house of the crime scene and when Hancock turns up with her prisoner. Problem is each of the cops at the station see Hancock’s prisoner as the person they most hate in the world.whether living or dead. As if that isn’t bad enough the regular town jail overnighters become possessed with the evil and turn into savage zombies who can’t be killed.

That’s only the start, over at the graveyard the dead start rising and cadavers are stepping of the gurney at the hospital mortuary, what’s a bunch of small town cops to do?.

Deputy Hancock (Charlene Amola) wishes she rang in sick this morning

Grave Walkers is an odd movie it starts out as a regular dark atmospheric horror flick, a point emphasised by the monochrome cinematography, but turns into an almost knockabout line em up and shoot em down Argento and Fulchi inspired zombie horredy half way through the running time when the big reveal explodes into glorious giallo colour saturation complete with some typically 1980s zombie/demon prosthetics and appropriate musical score. And you know what? it actually works, because although the movie does not take itself too serioulsy it does not insult the intelligence of the horror fan with outright piss taking in the way that  movies like Lesbian Vampire Killers did.

The dialogue is sharp and at times really sparkles. There are some really nice comic performances, particularly from Tim Ross as the pedantic Dean Wilburn, who is more concerned about running on campus than the zombie infestation and Sherrif Pete (Vladimir Kulich) has a really neat line in deadpan punning. There’s also a fair bit of shooting and slapstick violence

genuinely funny line em up and shoot em down zombie/possession mash-up I give Grave Walkers a 555/666.

Grave Walkers is released on Digital on 26 September and on DVD in the UK on 3 October





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